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About Pure Light Coaching


There is nothing you cannot do or have. When you remember that you have the power to be the Creator of your life all things are possible and the light within shines.

“Keep your faith in self, in light and love, and you will see all will be well” - Elliott Eli Jackson


It is time to remember who we are and why we are here. Since 2012 huge planetary vibrational shifts have occurred with accelerated rising in vibration of the mass consciousness. It’s time to awaken and to raise your vibration. We are all growing and expanding as we are filled with more light which assists us in discovering our true path and creating a future that we most desire for ourselves.


Meet Andrea

I am a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Reiki, and Karuna Reiki Practitioner, Intuitive and Empath, also a Spiritual Painter and Photographer. All of my life I have assisted others in healing emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. So it made sense for me to become a life coach. I am of a strong belief in using natural modalities to heal including the use of essential oils, energy work, food and meditation, positive affirmations, and mindset and exercise. My background is in Customer Service through the hospitality industry, Professional Photographer, and in various business Administrative positions and I am also a Wellness Advocate with Doterra essential oils.

I have been on a spiritual path of exploration and remembrance of who I am for the last 25 years. I am very much into personal self-growth and finding ways to make my life better on a constant basis, as I continue going through life’s transitions, in this changing time of empowerment and awakening of who we are and why we are here and opening up to the gifts that are solely ours. I have a passion for horses and one of my pastimes is training and showing western pleasure and English with a show barn in Tucson.AZ.

I am also one of four founding partners of F3 foods now I have a B.A. in Illustration/Advertising Photography from the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara Calif.

I look forward to working with you, on your spiritual path to enlightenment and remembrance of who you are and helping you to create your perfect life where all of your desires and dreams are met.

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Even when it seems dark there is always light. Even when you feel there is not hope there is love.
-Elliot Eli Jackson